Reset on the Framework

Learn how the Framework for Great Schools can help us understand, measure and connect our work across FSCs and throughout the DOE.

Part 1: Introduction
The first step to digging deeper into the Framework is re-framing our understanding of it. This video highlights three defining, yet oft-overlooked features of the Framework using a powerfully accurate analogy.

 Part 2: Beyond the Graphic Organizer
This video takes a quick look behind the curtain and outlines several resources that illuminate how the Framework not only organizes our work conceptually, but provides us with a language to describe capacity growth in schools, as well as a sophisticated tool with which to measure that growth.


Part 3: The Framework is Predictive
We all know intuitively that student achievement will increase if we strive to provide a holistic education through a focus on building capacity through the Framework elements. What is more difficult to believe is that a school's capacity in those elements is mathematically predictive of its students' achievement.


Part 4: Creating a Common Language Through the
Framework (2:55)

As we come -- system-wide -- to better understand and use The Framework, it has the potential to root our conversations in a common language. What CCLS have done for student learning outcomes, the Framework has the potential to do for school improvement in NYC.