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Mission/Vision of G.E.M. Nation

To promote girl’s self-awareness, confidence, and positive self-esteem by connecting schools to high quality Community Based Organizations with empowerment focused programs.  

Curriculum and Resources

Access a selection of curriculum and resources to support your Girls Empowerment Movement Program. 


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Featured Partners
Embrace Her Legacy is an international organization that empowers, educates and inspires millennial women and girls to achieve a purpose-driven legacy through enrichment programs, motivational speaking and personal development podcast, courses, workshops and resources. We inspire millennial women and girls to be whole, birth dreams and achieve a legacy of purpose and vision! As the #1 personal development and dream birthing school for millennial women, we offer an online learning center, enrichment and education programs, personal development courses, motivational speaking, tailored events, and community designed to inspire the personal development, vision and legacy of purpose-driven millennial women and girls.
Ranked by NBC News as one of the top seven organizations dedicated to empowering girls, Pretty Brown Girl's mission is to educate girls of color and encourage self-acceptance by cultivating social, emotional & intellectual well-being. Pretty Brown Girl’s flagship leadership program, “Building Leaders From The Inside Out,” is a community outreach initiative designed to promote diversity and address the very important yet often overlooked subject matters that effect girls of color, including negative stereotypes, colorism and skin-tone related issue. Our goal is to broaden the circle of conversation with girls K-12th grade and encourage interactive dialogue and activity in an educational environment to impact positive behavior, academic achievement and relationships with others.
 SavvyGems cultivates mindful, compassionate leaders through the power and practice of self-care. The program impacts young people’s lives by teaching them practical and customized strategies for creating a strong, mind, body and spirit. SavvyGems is an acronym whose nine letters stand for nine overlapping life practices that are imperative for mentall wellness during adolescence and beyond.
Independent, Motivated, Educated, and Compassionate Youth in Our Community Inc., (I.M.E.C.) is an independent 501(C3) not-for-profit organization established for the purpose of educating, developing, and mobilizing the youth of our communities and is dedicated to providing academic, social and cultural programming to ultimately help our youth become Independent, Motivated, Educated and Compassionate about their futures and communities. IMEC Inc. opens doors for the futures of its participants by introducing them to educational, social / emotional developmental, professional and cultural programming opportunities through engaging workshops. Our empowering curriculum is broken down into five categories (Life Skills, Respect and Responsibility, Know Your Worth, Having a Vision / Finding Your Purpose, This Too Shall Pass), which are designed to promote skill and character development, self-awareness, a multiple point perspective and a desire to achieve personal accountability and success.

IMEC Inc. also assists individuals, families and groups evaluate themselves, their circumstances and their goals to help them to find their next steps in life and develop a realistic plan to realize their goals. Through the use of mentoring and coaching techniques our staff will advocate for individuals, students, parents or groups while helping them to find their voice and develop the skills necessary to advocate for themselves.


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