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Dorita Gibson, Senior Deputy Chancellor
Volume 1, Issue 1- Summer 2017
cheryl watson-harrisMessage from the 
Senior Executive Director

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Field Notes, the Insider's Guide to Field Support. This is an opportunity to celebrate and provide information on the supportive and transformative work that happens in the field. We are excited to share our newsletter every quarter highlighting the promising practices and evidencing the impact Field Support Centers have on student achievement. Our priorities have been to build partnership & collaboration between Central offices, Superintendents and Field Support Center Executive Directors; to build continuity and coherence across the Field Support Centers and to provide coordinated and tailored support to schools. For the upcoming school year, we will continue to focus on these priorities as well as hone in on evidencing our impact on student achievement. There is so much work the field support centers have done in support of schools and while this newsletter cannot possibly cover everything, its goal is to highlight some of the amazing work FSCs are engaged in. We encourage you to visit our website for more information on how we can partner and collaborate to best support our schools. We hope you will provide us with feedback, so that we can best share information relevant to you.
Onward and Upward, 
Cheryl Watson-Harris
In This Newsletter:
Feature Story: College Pop-Up Shop
DOE staff works in service of 1.1 million students on a daily basis and when a special opportunity arose for staff members to step up and support our students, DOE staff members did not hesitate. On July 20, 2017, the Field Support Centers along with the Office of Field Support, in collaboration with the Chancellor's Office and the Office of Safety and Youth Development, organized a “College Pop-Up Shop” for our students in temporary housing who are going away for college. The evening included a celebration, mingling with the Chancellor, food, and “shopping!” In the NYC DOE Class of 2017, there are 27 students in temporary housing who will be going away to college. Fortunately, the students have received financial aid and scholarships which make their college dreams possible. However, the assistance does not cover the costs associated with attending an away college, such as bedding, laundry supplies, toiletries, school supplies, and more.  In order to make their transition into higher education easier and more affordable, an Amazon registry was created through which DOE staff could anonymously purchase these items for these 27 amazing students. The products were then organized like a pop-up shop at Tweed, where students picked up their items as if they were shopping. All items are scheduled to be delivered to the students' colleges at the end of the summer so they can have fully adorned dorm rooms before the start of the school year. The generosity of the DOE community was overwhelming and appreciated. 
The event was featured in the New York Daily News.
Upcoming Events
September 7 - First Day of School 2017-2018!
Visit the calendar for upcoming Directors meetings. 
Spotlight on FSC and Superintendent Collaboration

ISSP Meeting in Bronx FSC with 10X363With the greatest number of Renewal Schools, the Bronx Field Support Center has had many rewarding experiences partnering with superintendents and their teams on supporting Renewal Schools. Beginning with an agreed upon meeting date, FSC executive directors and directors, superintendents and Directors of School Renewal, and principals and their community based organizations meet collaboratively to review data, determine root causes and design a customized action plan to address the specific needs of the school. This often requires trust and honest conversations from all participants and a willingness to focus and be flexible where needed. Some examples of customized supports provided as a result of this Individualized Strategic Support Plan (ISSP) process are: in-school professional learning series, in-classroom modeling and support, and one-to-one support for staff members across all functional areas. The ISSP process has been a highlight of the targeted work being implemented in the Bronx FSC!
Summer in the CityShout out to the FSC Directors of Operational Support, ELL, T&L, and Special Education at the FSCs for their collaboration with Superintendents and Central offices in launching SITC in schools, and to Dennis Martinez, Kylie Davis, and Taylor Ibos at OFS! The second year of Summer in the City is underway with over 300 sites across New York City.  More than 160,000 students in grades 2–12 have the opportunity to learn from curricula that include social studies and English Language Arts (ELA), as well as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) enrichment programming, and visit cultural institutions. This year, elementary and middle school students even have an additional two hours per day for learning. Over the past few weeks, we have visited SITC sites across the five boroughs, and spoke with teachers, parents, and students participating in the programs. In speaking with some 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders,they were excited to tell us how they are enjoying their summers building rockets in STEM classes, and learning the value of physical and emotional fitness with Nalini Kids.
School Quality Review for the Field
Quality Review TrainingWe were able to help participate in a professional learning opportunity with the Office of School Quality, which brought together members from our schools, superintendents’ offices, FSCs and central offices. The goal was to collaborate on supporting some of our struggling schools in planning for success using the Quality Review Rubric. We are focused on our priorities as we are moving into the new school year. This was an example of the way we collaborate with the different offices that support our schools, and of the ways we plan to offer coordinated and tailored supports to schools. Here’s to the start of a successful, collaborative school year.

Focus on Framework for Great Schoolsframework for great schools

As we enter year 3 of the Field Support Center Structure and gear up for the 2017-18 school year, we continue to enhance our processes and structures to strengthen collaboration and alignment. New this year have been "coherence meetings" between the Office of School Support and Supervision, the Office of Field Support and Central Divisions. These meetings will assist the NYCDOE in aligning divisional goals, priorities, and guiding principles with an eye toward outcomes and school implementation. Our hope is that these meetings will translate into: (1) greater alignment of Central Divisional priorities and superintendent / field support center priorities, (2) improved coordination of supports provided by Central, Superintendents and FSCs, (3) advance towards all priorities/goals at all levels which leads to clear strategies of support for all who are supporting schools.

Updates From the Field
There are eight field support centers (FSC) across the city that provide tailored, coordinated delivery of instructional, operational, and student service supports to over 1,600 district schools. Within each of the field support centers, there are designated staff focusing on key functional areas that align with Central offices, Teaching and Learning, Finance and Human Resources, Operations, English Language Learners, Students with Special Needs and Student Services.

In this edition, we want to highlight the exciting work of the FSCs that celebrate the school community and provide exposure to various focus of field support.
Affinity FSC
Passport to Your Future: College and Career Fair
In an effort to build continuity and coherence across centers, the Affinity, Brooklyn North and Brooklyn South Field Support Centers proudly co-hosted the second annual College and Career Fair, “Passport to Your Future” (with STEAM opportunities) on Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus. 
Over 1,200 eleventh grade students attending high school throughout NYC interacted with representatives from approximately 100 colleges, universities, community based organizations, military branches, unions and companies. They gathered information on topics such as majors offered, admissions requirements, financial aid options, and extracurricular activities. In support of the theme, “Passport to your Future,” students received a passport booklet as they entered the fair along with a swag bag. The purpose of the passport was to capture information from college and career organizations akin to stamps from countries visited. The representatives used stampers, labels and stickers that served as representations of their organizations to fill the students’ passports as they engaged in conversation.
Bronx FSC 
Museum Pass Fair Provides Cultural Passport to NYC Art and History for Hundreds of Educators
bronx museum pass fairOn May 16, 2017, the Bronx FSC’s Social Studies Team held its Second Annual Museum Pass Fair on the Walton High School Campus. The Campus cafeteria was transformed into a festive space where hundreds of eager Bronx educators met representatives from 37 cultural institutions for free museum materials, registered to receive newsletters and information, and discuss class trip opportunities that allow teachers to broaden and enhance students’ understanding of historical and cultural facts by making real world connections. The centerpiece of the fair was receiving a personalized Bronx FSC Museum Pass, which entitles participating educators to two years’ worth of free admission to 41 NYC museums, historical societies and historic houses. The feedback from all attendees was uniformly positive and everyone is looking forward to the next Annual Bronx FSC Museum Pass Fair in 2018.
Brooklyn North FSC
Sharing as a Vehicle for Strengthening Community and Learning 
On June 7, Brooklyn North FSC brought together students, teachers, principals, and district staff for a day of collaboration and sharing of practice at the Brooklyn Museum.  Exhibits from over thirty schools displayed magnificent student artwork and innovative initiatives from every district.  Topics included hydroponics, dual language programs, action research, and girls coding. Following a breathtaking African dance performance by students at Brighter Choice Community School and a thought-provoking keynote speech on teaching core democratic values by Professor Yohuru Williams, a panel of school administrators, teachers, and students spoke about their role in ensuring democratic values.
Brooklyn South FSC
Assistant Principal Leadership Institute
Earlier this month, Brooklyn South FSC was one of two FSCs to partner with OFS to facilitate a workshop on Leadership Development at the Assistant Principal (AP) Institute.  The event took place at LaGuardia High School, and was co-led by Brooklyn South Executive Director Mauriciere de Govia and Joshua Winter from OFS. With approximately 30-40 APs from all 5 boroughs, it was great to hear that schools generally felt well supported by FSCs across the City.  Participants identified 3 key areas they are seeking support for the coming year including:  1) more in-school instructional supports, especially across High School Content areas, 2) more student service supports and connections to community based organizations and resources and 3) more direct information and resources to implement the Equity and Excellence Initiatives and Agenda at the school level.   The session focused on the National Professional Standards for Education Leaders, and participants worked to break-down the 10 standards. Each participant  identified one standard and area of focus for the coming school year that they would bring back to their school.  The workshop and conversation aligned with Brooklyn South’s focus on supporting the Citywide Leadership Pipeline and our four priorities.  It was great for us to partner with the Division of Teaching and Learning in planning and executing this event and sets the stage for the year ahead!
Manhattan FSC 
Professional Learning Expo
The inaugural Professional Learning Expo was a gallery-style event featuring presentations by professionals who attended Manhattan FSC's professional learning opportunities throughout the year. Over 50 teachers, counselors, and secretaries celebrated professional learning, shared learned practices and their impact, and networked with other Manhattan educators. The exhibitors, representing all functional areas and each district on the isle of Manhattan, shared how their implementation of newly acquired strategies resulted in positive impact for their students and/or school community. The Chancellor expressed her admiration for all of the exhibitors, especially the early career teachers, paraprofessionals, secretaries & business managers who impressed her with their poise and command of content. All exhibits and presenter contact information are now available via the Manhattan FSC website, which you can view via the Special Events page.
Queens North FSC 
STEM Family Fun Night
The Queens North Field Support Center Teaching and Learning team welcomed District 24, 25, 26 and 30 students and their families to participate in second annual STEM Family Fun Night, held at the New York Hall of Science.  Students were able to display projects at the STEM Showcase as well as in Computer Science Gallery.  Projects included webpages, games and interactive activities.  Students and their families were able to engage in activities and challenges for all ages!   Scaling structures, scribble bots, solo cups, and underwater dream machine challenges were a big hit with students and adults alike!  This special event was a unique opportunity for parents to learn alongside their children and celebrate all things science and tech!
Queens South FSC 
School Challenge Quiz
On May 25, 2017, Queens South FSC held a School Challenge Quiz, below is a quick reflection from a Queens South FSC team member: 

"Imagine being a parent sitting on your hands refraining from applauding, when your child answers a series of questions that stumped other students and even some of the teachers sitting in the audience wondering: How smart is this kid? 
  • Why is the number one neither prime nor composite? (Grade 5)
  • An organism that produces its own food will contain ___________? (Grade 8)
  • Which US President’s policy was known as the new frontier? (Grade 8)
  • Which data set describes a situation that could be classified as qualitative? (Grade 12)
There are always winners and losers, but the greatest part of the event was when the high school winners were announced. The two high schools that participated cheered equally loudly at the announcement—if you were not from either of the schools you would not know which school won because of the reaction of both groups.  The losing team displayed such a great spirit of competition, we could learn something from them.  Each member of the losing high school team was on their way to college, some to study medicine, some engineering, some business.  A very well-spent evening on May 25, 2017."
Staten Island FSC 
Soap Box Derby
Staten Island DerbyOn Father’s Day, June 18, 2017, the SIFSC partnered with the NYC Parks Department and Sports and Arts in Schools Foundation to sponsor the first Staten Island Soap Box Derby at the Michael J. Petrides Educational Complex. Students from 28 Staten Island schools competed in three categories, Stock, Super Stock, and Super Kids, for a chance to represent the borough in the International Soap Box Derby in Akron, Ohio, July 17-22. Over 300 students participated in after-schools and STEM classes throughout the spring of 2017 in teams to build racers. There were over 500 spectators at the race which also featured game booths supplied by Parks Department, the NYPD mobile climbing wall and food trucks.
The winning schools from our Staten Island races were P.S. 30 and P.S. 20 in the Stock division, MAELS and P.S. 57 in the Super Stock Division and I.S. 75 and P.S. 57 in our Super Kids race.  All 6 student racers, their families and teachers traveled as representatives of our Borough in the International Derby. Our students did a tremendous job adjusting to completion in Akron with our highest placed finisher coming in 7th for the Super Kids race. Staten Island did bring home the trophy for the best decorated car in the Stock Division (P.S. 20), as well as a plaque recognizing us a new race city. 

The Staten Island Borough Field Support Center is looking forward to building on the success of this project and continuing it for years to come.  
Staff Spotlight
Thank you, Josh!
After an exciting tenure with the NYC DOE, beginning as a middle school math teacher at IS 82 in the Bronx, and culminating here at the Office of Field Support as the Executive Director of Strategy and Policy, Joshua Winter is taking his talents to Seattle, where he is moving with his family. Josh was instrumental in the development and implementation of the Equity and Excellence for All Agenda, as well as the Algebra for All and Single Shepherd Initiatives. We wish him luck in his future endeavors. Remember Josh: Teamwork makes the framework!
Student-focused Initiative Highlight : G.E.M. Nation
Girls Empowerment Movement Nation (G.E.M. Nation)
G.E.M. Nation is a citywide network of K-12 Girls' Empowerment programs.
Mission: To promote girl’s self-awareness, confidence, and positive self-esteem by connecting schools to high quality Community Based Organizations with empowerment focused programs.
On Saturday, July 15, Leslie Banks of OFS, along with friends of G.E.M. Nation Diane Nathaniel and Iyeesha Cook, and a group of 15 girls, attended CurlFest, at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. CurlFest is the annual celebration of natural hair and empowerment for women of color. The young ladies participated in an Empowerment Circle, and talked about hair and confidence with Michaela Angela Davis, writer and activist. Aligned with the principles of G.E.M. Nation, the empowerment circle discussion engaged the girls in talking about their hair from their personal perspectives, highlighting the value of their self-awareness as a building block of empowerment. We are proud to have attended CurlFest, because it represents empowerment and self-acceptance for women of color.

For more information on G.E.M. Nation, contact Leslie Banks
Citywide Field Day 2017
On August 10, 2017, Field Support Centers gathered together with the hope of (1) celebrating our successes, (2) building community, and (3) deepening our knowledge of efforts across the city. The camaraderie, best practices and cross-functional learning that occurred will undoubtedly serve our greater efforts to advance Equity and Excellence, increase student achievement and foster a larger professional learning community. The energy and excitement brought to the field is an example of how much energy Field Support Centers put into supporting our schools every day. A few memorable highlights to share:
  • The Parade of FSCs was a great opportunity for Field Support Centers to highlight and showcase the hard work put into building the Field Support community
  • The workshops highlighted some of the professional learning opportunities that Field Support Centers have done to support schools
  • Our FSC- Field Support Centers came together with their collective pride and talent into a creative song that highlights who we are in supporting FSCs
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please send them to We also welcome article ideas and contributions. Please be sure to mention “Field Notes” in the subject line!
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